Beira Interior Wine Tourism: a winning bet

15 de Abril de 2021, às 12h40

It is with great enthusiasm that Turismo Centro de Portugal applauds the fast evolution of the Beira Interior Wine Route. This initiative, which was created in good time, is already a fundamental contribution to the promotion of wines from a wine region as interesting as Beira Interior - which is finally going from being a well-kept secret to constituting a consolidated asset in Portugal, promoting the Center of Portugal.

Millions of tourists visit Portugal every year and, despite the setback that constitutes the current pandemic situation, we believe that the flow of travelers will soon resume. With a significant difference: travelers will tend to choose less crowded destinations, where they feel safe, and will look for complementary and enriching experiences. Combining these two conditions, wine tourism in Beira Interior thus has a promising opportunity for affirmation.

In addition to its natural attractiveness, Beira Interior Wine Route also combines the ability to boost products with a perfect connection to wine tourism. Tourist experiences linked to the gastronomy, nature, culture and traditions of a territory, where rare gems like the Historical Villages pontificate, can and should be differentiating and marking visitors in an expressive way.

Wines and wine tourism are strategic tourist products for the Center of Portugal, differentiating and showing a high growth potential. This is a region where there has always been an intimate connection with vineyards and wine. Based on routes that show the magnificent territory of the region, wine tourism has the capacity to attract visitors for several days and throughout the year, combating seasonality and, at the same time, being an attractive source of complementary revenue for businessmen and for wine-producing families.

The importance that wine tourism assumes for Turismo Centro de Portugal is present in the promotion strategy of this entity. For the decade between 2020 and 2030, it is foreseen an increase in the visibility of wine tourism, integrated in the strategic pillar “Culture, History, Heritage, Gastronomy and Wines”. By betting on this differentiated tourism product, in partnership with the Wine Routes and the Wine Commissions, Center Tourism ensures a priority place for wine tourism in the investment and tourism promotion of the region.

This is certainly the way forward!

Pedro Machado, president of Regional Tourism Entity of Center Portugal