Guarda Wine Fest has already started at Alameda de Santo André

15 de Julho de 2022, às 00h00

The first edition of Guarda Wine Fest has already started at Alameda de Santo André, in the highest city. Promoted by the municipality and the Regional Wine Commission of Beira Interior (CVRBI), the event aims to “value the territory” by bringing together 40 producers from Beira Interior, Dão and Douro.

The premise is that everyone «shares the altitude premise». The festival runs until Sunday and features wine tastings, gastronomy, with the participation of the D’sigual Wine House and Pensão Aliança restaurants, and concerts by “Guarda in Jazz”. The event was inaugurated by the Minister of Agriculture, Maria do Céu Antunes, in a ceremony attended by the president of CVRBI, Rodolfo Queirós; the president of the Dão Regional Wine Commission, Arlindo Cunha; and the president of the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto, Gilberto Igrejas.

After the ceremony, Tiago Macena, Beira winemaker and student of the most demanding international plan of studies in wine, the “Master of Wine”, moderated the “Conversation on Wine: Great White Grapes – Encruzado, Rabigato and Syria”. Tonight there will be fusion jazz by the Indigo Quintet (9.30pm).

On Saturday, the invited Bacchic, gastronomic and enogastronomic confraternities begin, at 10:45 am, a parade between Praça Luís de Camões and Praça do Município with the participation of the Famalicão da Serra Philharmonic Band, then heading to Alameda de Santo Andrew.

At 4 pm there will be two “showcookings” with Diogo Rocha, chef of “Mesa de Lemos”, at Quinta de Lemos, in Viseu, awarded with a Michelin star. On Sunday, between conversations about wines and music, chef Cristina Manso Preto, author of practical recipe books, will promote another “showcooking” session (16 hours).

Entry to the “Guarda Wine Fest” is free, and participation in the “Conversations” and the “showcooking” sessions is subject to available seats, the organization advises. The official glass of the event costs 4 euros.