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Largo 1.º de Maio, n.º 25

6200-726 Tortosendo

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- Wine tasting tour (several packages)
- Tourist Accommodation at Quinta da Vargem


Sabe_Sociedade Agrícola Da Beira - Almeida Garrett Wines

The Almeida Garrett family built their winery in 1856 in Tortosendo and have been producing quality wine ever since, in the same facilities. In 1889 the family won its first Bronze medal and the entry in the Gold Book at the International Exhibition in Paris with the quality of its wines and oils. Later, with the advent of the Republic, at the beginning of the 19th century, the Almeida Garrett family emigrate to France and when they return they plant the first branches of the Chardonnay variety. This being an emblematic grape variety of the Family House. Since then they have been betting on the diversity of its agricultural products, however wines have been the focus and the largest percentage of the family's dedication. Currently, Almeida Garrett Wines is one of the most emblematic references of Beira Interior, being the oldest producer in the region with a plantation area of around 44 hectares and already has the work of the 4th and 5th generation.