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Largo do Coro 6430-081 Marialva


Mirandese Veal Filet Mignon with Straw Potato and Cream of Spinach and Broad Beans


Casas do Côro

The Casas do Coro project was born 20 years ago in the Historic Village of Marialva, the border of Beira Interior with the Douro Superior in the Center of Portugal, the country was far from being in fashion as a tourist destination, people called us crazy, for the boldness and quality of the intervention, for us it was like sowing a seed of the future and always believing, always with a long-term mentality, we created a unique destination, of illusion, passion and a lot of soul, one that only those who pass through there feel, we are an unconventional project of irreverent experiences that year after year are invented and have no end. A project that changed our lives and where the only mission is to make people happy, this is the true concept of the new luxury, so simple and with a magical and unique reach. In the middle of this nothing we have everything, that's why Life & Wine is Here @ Casas do Coro!